Future in the IT Industry

Kashmir in India, found in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. Known for beautiful landscapes but additionally their unemployment rates and troubled areas.

With a population of 12.55 million, people’s lifestyle can be described as tough. In the area, jobs don’t come to see things often, giving the younger generation very little hope for another.

However, inside an area of poverty, some youths are choosing technology like a source of income. Rehan Shafi is thirty years old and also to ensure she has a bright future they have started a compact IT hub to produce himself the possibility in the tough conditions of Kashmir.

One of his products includes domainglo, an internet-based startup that connects business organisations to users who will be looking for the appropriate domain name. The Domainglo platform introduces an online site name generator that generates a variety of catchy websites that fit a company’s motives together with offer good visibility on-line.

“Growing up I have learnt to make opportunities happen you must go out and chase them yourself. As the younger generation surviving in Kashmir, I want to create the next for myself plus show my community it’s possible to have a life by yourself with effort and dedication. Starting my business for myself allows me to look at control of my future,” said web-sites Domainglo, Rehan Shafi.

A website address generator uses letters and keywords to generate a website website address that is catchy and stands above the rest, giving your startup or blog better SEO and also a better potential for getting noticed.

Domainglo is a straightforward to use platform where users merely have a single keyword to get a list of available website names which are unique, short and catchy.

“The algorithm with the site uses various processes to smartly get a new keyword to generate combinations or rhymes to get new websites that help create a brand. Users might get the url of your website that best fit their businesses, or elsewhere continues torefine the search and make a truly creative website address. Creating the best domain name is crucial for every business to be sure the website is recognisable,” said Rehan.

Rehan is building his future and coming up with an organization name generator while creating profits for himself inside a region experiencing hardship. His effort and dedication is in the lead for his generation, showing anybody that opportunities arrived at those who’re driven enough so it will be for themselves.

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