Molly Coddled China

China and America are two powers however the relationship is complex. It is a fact that America never opposed China in different significant manner. In fact, they have kowtowed to your dragon at many times. A recent statement from the Philippine president Roberto Duterte is revealing. He said that America hasn’t been serious against China and pointedly asked why the Americans failed to send 5 aircraft carriers in to the South China sea ahead of time and nip the effort in the bud of occupation in the Spratly islands. Obviously, there’s no answer, for your Americans have given way towards the Chinese.

This is not a new phenomenon and from the comfort of the time of Mao Tse Tung, the Americans have pussy footed China. There has been an unusual reluctance to engage or confront it. In 1964 China went nuclear. It also announced that the nuclear arsenal will be a deterrent with the USA. It considered the USA an imperialist power. Donald and company are shouting on the rooftops how the nuclear power of North Korea will likely be dealt with a iron hand. A carrier group the Carl Vinson is moving towards N Korea and making ominous noises. A bombing is for the cards.

A remember 1964 will show which the American did nothing when China went nuclear in 1964. Other than some silly statements by Johnson, the then-president on the USA just sat on its haunches. There was no hysteria, much like the one is accumulated against the regime of Kim Jong. Why? In my travels in the length and breadth in the USA, I have not met one American who asked why the USA never bombed their nuclear facilities. Yes, I ask why China had not been bombed now a hue and cry is created about Korea that is 1/50 th size from the USA. Frankly, there’s no logic.

Even Donald Trump has totally poodle to President Xi as part of his resort in Florida. He aimed to placate the Chinese leader and demanded sanction to bomb Korea. What a joke. A leader of any superpower getting permission to bomb North Korea. Readers must understand that Donald will still only bomb Korea should he turns into a green light from President Xi.

Donald also forgot all his earlier rants against China that they would find the occupation from the Spratly island rolled back in addition it was a currency manipulator. What a far cry from the man who changed colors overnight. Donald isn’t first US president the other can recollect that Richard Nixon flew all the solution to China to bow to emperor Mao. It was such as old age when China was the center from the world. Trump is defeated and gone but his successor Joe Biden is also from the Chinese mesh. His son has dubious hitting the ground with China and also the recent Alaska meeting was called by Biden for the purpose purposes and we don’t know and that he got a bloody nose.

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  1. I don’t know the way you made it happen, nevertheless you’ve hit the nail on the head in this article. I actually agree completely on lots of the specifics you’ve presented in this specific content. Many thanks.

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